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We created our first script for escape rooms in 2013

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More than 60 scripts written for Russia, CIS and Europe

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We will write a completely unique script
of your choice no cookie-cutters here!

Our team


Script writer
3 years experience


Script writer
2 years experience


Game designer
7 years experience


Sound director
9 years experience


Game designer
5 years experience

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Discount for combined offer $ 240


$ 1190
$ 300
$ 1490
$ 1250
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What will I get once I order a script?

You will receive everything in order to start implementing the script straight away!

  1. A step by step algorithm of puzzles and riddles, developed for a 60-minute game of a 4-person team.
  2. A detailed description of puzzles, clues and item placement with pictures, examples, etc. If the described items can be bought online, we will also include links to them.
  3. A blueprint adapted for your space indicating the placement of all puzzles, items and the sequence of events.
  4. A flowchart of the players’ actions, with different sequences shown that will lead the players to victory. There is an additional protection layer to prevent skipping levels.


Does the script include high-tech mechanisms?


Sure! All of our scripts utilize different mechanisms that really wow customers. All of the mechanisms in our puzzles can be realized by engineers to perfectly fit the theme of the script!


Why atmospheric music?

Atmospheric music adds an interesting layer of special effects, voices and sounds to the background of the game, allowing the players to fully immerse themselves in the atmosphere. The music is always at least 60 minutes long. All the music is recorded in a sound studio by our professional audio directors.

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