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You’re thinking of creating new escape room scripts but don’t know how to pick a theme, how to create a fully immersive script or where to get appropriate atmospheric music? Read on and we’ll try and answer all your questions.


Our team or professional writers and game designers have been making scripts for escape rooms for years. Founded in Astrakhan and Moscow, Russia in 2013, the team has written more than 50 scripts for escape rooms since. Some of them have already been put to use, for example: “The Gallery” in Germany, “Universal key” in Russia, or “The Shed” in New Zealand, amongst many others. The rest are being developed or in the test stages, but you’ll soon be able to visit all of them.


We opened our first agency abroad in Prague, Czech Republic in 2015 to make our scripts accessible to Europe, the U.S. and Australasia.


We can help you choose the perfect theme for your script, and we’re happy to help with any consultation. At the same time, we understand the importance of creating different, interested mechanisms and electronic gadgets that contribute to the overall wowing effect; of course, your quest should also be unique and involve the whole team in the game progress.


We work on the base of a legal contract and are fully responsible for the quality of the script.


At the same time, we offer a quick script edit service, which we offer for completely free of charge! Within two months of receiving the script, we will edit it at your demand.




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