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Our work within the sphere of realistic escape quests began with our cooperation with the team of IP MP Postnov, in April of 2014. At the time, we were only just beginning to launch escape rooms all over the country, but now we can proudly say that we have over 30 rooms for our clients’ enjoyment in Russia and the CIS. The Escape Planners team has worked hard, and continues to do so today, to create a wide range of exciting, intriguing and challenging escape scenarios for us.


Obviously, if the quality of the work, the prices, the deadlines and the customer service weren’t up to scratch, we wouldn’t have continued our cooperation. Our 25th anniversary scenario was created by the team completely for free, which was an amazing surprise.


We put off writing a review for them because we didn’t want anyone to know about our cooperation lest they try and steal them away. Teams like these are a great rarity, and we consider them our ‘secret weapon’ in the industry. We won’t go into detail about the unbelievable quality of each scenario as they have provided more than 30, and not one of those scenarios was repetitive in any way (down to the minute details!).


We are honestly in awe of the team (escape-planners.com) as to how they manage to make scenarios that are so suspenseful, perplexing and engaging that clients regularly come back for more than one go!


You guys are fantastic, and we are very proud to be your partners! Rest assured, we won’t let you guys relax until we have at least 100 escape room scenarios out there with your name on them.


Vlovushke — Russia and CIS

We ordered a quest from the Escape Planners team last year. It wasn’t our first time working with a company that creates escape room scenarios, but it was the very first time we worked with a company who left us with only great things to say. We greatly appreciated your professionalism- from signing the contract to making sure deadlines are being met while delivering a truly high quality product.


For the first time ever, putting together the interior, the puzzles and the mysteries by the script caused no problems at all- everything is described in such great detail that there is no room for misunderstanding or confusion. Even the timeframe in which you delivered the script was almost half the time other companies had quoted us. We highly recommend working with you, as we can vouch that the scripts were sophisticated, well-thought out and very interesting, which is what we’ve come to expect from your company. Thank you!


Gamescape — Paris, France

We’d like to share our experience working with IP MP Postnov and the team of Escape Planners. We ordered the ‘Secret Hideout of Al Capone’ script, which we are currently opening in Moscow. I will tell you straight away that they earned my trust the second they offered to include a clause in the contract in which they took full responsibility for the product (you would be surprised at how often companies don’t) and included a fine for missing deadlines, which turned out to be completely unnecessary as the script was delivered on time.


During our first meeting, we discussed all the details, including our wishes, which we then put in the brief. We have to mention that all our requests were fully satisfied. Within three days of singing the contract and paying the advance, we received several options of the main task of the escape, blueprints of the space, of which we picked one. We won’t tell you which one- come and see for yourself.  As we’ve already mentioned, the script was delivered on time. Several parts of the script seemed overly complicated to us, which we mentioned, and they supplied different options the very next day.


It’s difficult to write a review without going into too much detail and ruining the mystery of the game, but that’s how it goes with escape rooms. We can say with conviction that we were fully satisfied with the scenario, its plot and the unique approach to the riddles and mechanisms which were utilized by the team. The script is gripping.


As a quick aside about the sound- we can only express our gratitude for the perfect soundtrack for the scenario, making the sounds seem almost 3D as the game progresses.


The guys really know what they’re doing, strictly adhere to the clients’ needs and wishes, and deliver everything perfectly on time. Thank you for your professionalism in your work! You now have one more regular client!


GameRoom — Moscow, Russia

We’d wanted to expand our scenario arsenal by a mafia-themed one for ages, in the style of gangster Chicago in the ‘30s, in which we could show off an underground casino, the Prohibition and mafia showdowns. For this task, we chose IP MP Postnov (Escape Planners). Amongst some of the benefits of working with them, we’d like to highlight their individual approach to a customer’s requirements, reasonable prices and perfectly executed work that was delivered within the deadline. We got exactly what we wanted.


During the work process, we agreed on certain scenarios as well as the floor plans. They checked in with us to let us know how everything was progressing, which was very pleasant, considering the work was completed long-distance and we think this kind of approach is considerate towards your customers. We also have to say that the audio you included definitely brought us back to Chicago in the ‘30s. We loved it!


We are expanding and opening new escape rooms, so expect more work from us headed your way!


Quest-Room — Berlin, Germany

I usually don’t write customer reviews as I consider them a useless waste of time. But considering the quality of the product provided, I decided to express my gratitude with a positive review.


We began with picking a theme and a space where we had a basic understanding of where the rooms were. The theme was “Time Machine”. Having considered many proposals from escape room scriptwriters, from very cheap to extremely expensive, we decided on Escape Planners, considering the ratio of experience/price/time. It turns out they had already supplied 4 scripts to various escape rooms in Berlin, 3 of which were already in action. We decided to go visit a room and after experiencing their work firsthand, promptly signed the contract. We paid the advance and waited for the results.


A few days before the deadline, their manager wrote to ask for a one-day extension, with all costs for the extra day covered by their firm. We were not against it, and the next day, they sent us the entire package, with the music accompaniment, also.


We definitely made the right choice by selecting Escape Planners because the script turned out to be interesting, logical and unique and after reading it, we wanted to play it ourselves!


I’d like to conclude by saying that I think Escape Planners are great at both planning and executing scripts according to the clients’ needs, and highly recommend working with them.


Abalmasov Dmitrii — Krasnoyarsk, Russia

I’d like to express my gratitude to Escape Planners for their unique script for ‘Friday the 13th’. The script was mysterious, with an interesting plot and twist, with a variety of frightening moments even when reading it, not to mention actually playing the game.


When playing with this script, you are fully immersed in a different reality and the terrifying atmosphere of a crazy maniac, which will enthrall you from start to finish. The authors explained the roles of the characters (actors) very well, they don’t just scare the players, they even interact with them in a very interesting way. The locations of the objects are described very well, and they attach links as to where you can purchase them. We also must mention the background music – the special effects and the eerie sounds that made our hearts beat faster and gave us goosebumps. Each sound effect is played at exactly the right time, which gives the game even more atmosphere and encourages the player to keep going. I honestly never expected that a game could pull you in so much and practically become reality. All in all, the team does excellent, fair work. Received my order fairly quickly. I absolutely recommend them!


QuestZone — Mahachkala, Russia

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