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Scenario for Escape room - bunker - adventure  Scenario for Quest - Bunker - adventure



Provided by customer:

-plan of quarter area 43 square meters;

-theme is Nuclear War


We developed:

-3 legends and 2 main tasks to talk through with customer

-4 variations of quarters plan


Final legend:

Post-apocalyptic world. Epic war ends with a great catastrophe, and you are locked in the secret bunker deep underground. Probably you are the only ones alive on the whole planet. You have remains of city above you. It is time to get out.


Main task:

Find rad suits and get out of the bunker for 60 minutes


Interesting features of script:

-quest is built in the real bunker of Cold War period;

-average walkthrough time—51 minutes;

-level of walkthrough—60%;

-2—4 players in team;

-average amount of hints received during the game—5;

-real military equipment;

-time for quest realization—58 days.



Script for Quest room - bunker - adventure  Scenario for Quest room - bunker - adventure



Players reviews with spelling and punctuation kept:


This was our third quest, but im writing this review after five passed. Amazing quest. Very immersive and logical (we actually missed the ley we needed and broke a sequence a little, which made it little bit complicated). Puzzles are interesting as by their ideas as by its performance. But im not satisfied with two puzzles and they are really needed to be done. In my opinion there are too hard to solve without hint (might require special knowledge). But of course it’s my opinion, and maybe other players were able to solve it without a hint… but I was little upset. But emotions were very positive anyway. Great game1 not the best we had but really good. I will recommend it to my friends)) Boys of all ages should really like it))) though girls would not be bored too) come and play!!) Elena (http://vk.com/id4556006)


#1 military themed bunker. I’d say that its 100% for men. I played in company of my 3 buds. There were lots of different questions and of course there were military themed ones, but at first it seemed like there will only be like for little kids. During the game we were complementing each other: no one might know the answer but the only one person. So this quest will let you show your best team play skills. And you will have fun! Alexandr Gurinovich (https://vk.com/sashagurinovich)



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