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Provided by customer:

— The plan of the room with a total area of ​​40 sq.m .;

— The theme chosen for the scenario is horror in a unique way.


We developed:

— 2 legends and 2 major problems for coordination with the Customer;

— 2 different room layouts.


The final script:

Professor M. Brain has always been interested in experiments on the human brain. He developed the elixirs of happiness, positivity, and merriment, but they always led to the deep depression of the tested, up to suicide. The professor decided to reverse and produced the elixir of bitterness and frustration, hoping that now the tested will be happy. But something went wrong… The injection given to the first tested by the name of Henry, led to momentary paralysis and loss of consciousness, his heart stopped. At the direction of the professor, Henry was taken to the morgue and left on the table for the night. If they only knew what began to happen in Henry`s brain. Henry “before” and Henry “after” appeared in the brain, and only they determine what will happen next. If they manage to unite and gather the “brain” together, then Henry`s death can be avoided. No more than 60 minutes for everything, then you won`t be able to do anything…


The main task:

The players must reunite and go out together, symbolizing the reunion of the individual.


The uniqueness of the scenario:

2-4 people can play the Darkness. The players are divided into 2 teams. One team is in the dark with walkie-talkies; the other team is watching them through the night vision cameras and directs them. Then, they change, but each team has its own observation room and its own darkness. There are 4 rooms (2 game rooms with the darkness, 2 observation rooms). It is very emotional, and even terrible because of the lack of light.


Interesting features of the script:

— The escape room format is 60 minutes;

— The average passing time is 54 minutes;

— The walkthrough rate is 54%;

— The number of players in the team is 2-4 persons;

— The average number of tips during the game is 2;

— Budget-oriented escape room scenario;

— The timing of the escape room is 32 days;

— The term of escape room scripting is 9 days.




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