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Dracula’s castle

Script for quest room - Dracula Castle - Horror  Script for escape room - Dracula Castle - Horror


Provided by customer:

-blueprint of the room- 44m2;

-the theme is Dracula’s castle.


We developed:

-2 script options and 3 main tasks, as discussed with customer;

-3 variations of the floorplan.


Final script:

You thought that walking in the ruins of an ancient castle was a good idea. But your romantic adventure turned into a nightmare when you walked into a dark, narrow corridor. Once you step onto the cold floor, the door slams behind you. But you are not alone in here… in a wooden coffin sleeps the lord of the castle—fearless vampire Count Dracula…


Main task:
Kill Count Dracula to get the key and find a way out.
Interesting features of script:

-recreated the interior of a medieval castle;

-average playing time – 49 minutes;

-average success rate- 62%;

-2-4 player team;

-average amount of hints received during the game – 3;

-the unique plot forces you to kill Dracula;

-mechanisms and puzzles combine with theme;

-the music adds to the atmosphere of fear and curiosity;

-realization time – 39 days.



Scenario for quest room - Dracula Castle - Horror  Scenario for quest room - Dracula Castle - Horror



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