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Scenario for escape room - ebola - horror  Script for escape room - ebola - horror


Provided by customer:

-floor plan of the space – 38m2;

-theme: develop a cure in the lab.


We developed:

-2 story options and 3 main tasks, discussed with the customer;

-2 variations of the floor plan.


Final script:

It’s the 90s. You are a talented scientist raring to make discoveries, even if it means risking your life. That’s why, when your colleagues contract and eventually die of ebola fever, you are prepared. The only thing left is to develop a cure – save yourself, and the rest of mankind.


Main task:

Develop a cure which will save the world.


Interesting features of script:

-elements of horror;

-average playing time – 46 minutes;

-success rate – 60%;

-2-4 player teams;

-average amount of hits received during the game – 4;

-mechanisms enabling you to create a cure;

-90s interior and mechanisms;

-tense music;

-time for realization – 44 days.



Scenario for quest room - ebola - horror  Script for quest room - ebola - horror



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