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Egyptian Gold



Provided by customer:

— The layout of premises with a total area of ​​30 sq.m.;
— The quest theme of choice — Egyptian Gold.



We developed:

— 3 legends and 2 main tasks for the client’s consideration;
— 2 room layout options.



Final version of the legend:

Egyptian Gold has always mesmerised treasure hunters and adventure seekers! And even though it was never found, this wasn’t for the lack of trying… Happily enough, at one of the excavations you came across a map where the Pharaoh’s final resting site and a place of untold wealth was marked!
You are a group of bounty hunters, full of courage and determination to get the most sought-after treasure in the world! Blinded by gold fever, you’re now wandering the dungeons of half-ruined pyramid and are too keen to care for any precautions… Аs you fell into one of the traps, you set off the rockfalls, which will shut every passage in an hour! Hurry up and don’t forget what you came here for!



The main task:

To find ancient golden antiquities hidden in the tomb.



Interesting features of the script:

— Average quest completion time — 75 minutes;
— Successful completion rate — 65%;
— The number of players in the team — 2-4 people;
— The average number of hints per game — 4;
— Moving walls, ceilings;
— Quest implementation time — 26 days;
— Quest script writing time — 8 days.




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