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Hell’s Kitchen



Provided by customer:

— The layout of premises with a total area of ​​30 sq.m.;
— The quest theme of choice — Hell’s Kitchen.



We developed:

— 3 legends and 4 main tasks for the client’s consideration;
— 3 room layout options.



Final version of the legend:

People go missing in a an old district in a mysterious city of «X». Over the last month 4 people disappeared without a trace. I am investigating these strange and obscure cases. However, for all my effort I couldn’t find anything but some clothing scraps that once belonged to missing people. All identities have been established. What’s more, we found a card with some kind of devilish sign in each victim’s clothes.
Since we are modern people it’s too dumb to suspect any kind of paranormal evil forces at play here. However, I wouldn’t put it past some madman to kidnap those poor people.
I managed to establish that all the victims were last seen at Bon Appetito restaurant, which is located in the same area… It seems this all has something to do with the restaurant, there’s definitely some fishy business going on there, but what is it about? Despite conducting numerous examinations we couldn’t find anything! But just so you know, it’s not a good idea to go anywhere near that restaurant until the investigation is over…



The main task:

Break free from the mad chef’s dungeon and collect evidence that would prove his involvement in the missing persons cases.



Interesting features of the script:

— The script has been written in the former restaurant kitchen;
— Average quest completion time — 51 minutes;
— Successful completion rate — 64%;
— The number of players in the team — 2-4 people;
— The average number of hints per game — 3;
— Flexibility and team play are absolutely crucial to the script;
— A lot of unexpected locations and developments;
— Quest implementation time — 31 days;
— Quest script writing time — 9 days.




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