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Museum Robbery — VR Quest



Provided by customer:

— The layout of premises with a total area of ​​16 sq.m.;
— The quest theme of choice — robbery at the modern art museum.



We developed:

— 2 legends and 2 main tasks for the client’s consideration;
— 2 room layout options.



Final version of the legend:

An easy catch! What could be simpler than robbing a modern art museum, especially considering that your trusted accomplice, the museum janitor named Xavier, is right by your side! He was the one to tip you about a rare exhibit made from purest gold that was recently brought to the museum. However, the exhibit will be sold at the auction scheduled for tomorrow. The starting bid for this lot is 3 million euros.

No time to lose as time is money! Hurry up and get in the museum through that back room window that was so absent-mindedly (or rather purpousefully?) left open by Xavier’s clever design!



The main task:

— To steal a $ 3 million golden statuette and go unnoticed.



Interesting features of the script:

— The script was adapted for a VR quest!
— Success rate — 64%;
— Multiplayer game;
— Two variants of the script adapted for solo and team game;
— Quest completion time — 40 minutes;
— A dynamic plot that keeps you in suspense;
— Quest script writing time — 12 days.




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