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Perfect Heist

Scenario for escape room Perfect heist - adventure  Script for escape room Perfect heist - adventure



Provided by customer:

— blueprint of the room, 80m2;

— theme of the script: the perfect heist (the robbery of a private collector);


We developed:

— 3 script options and 3 main tasks for the players- discussed with the customer;

— 2 variations of the floor plan


The final script:

A famous collector owns an incredibly rare piece of jewelry; a precious necklace. However, he is unwilling to share it with anyone… he’s found a sneaky way to hide it in his luxurious mansion; but luckily, your crew has dealt with situations like these and know what to do. You’ll have to find and retrieve the necklace.


The main task:

Steal the precious necklace from the famous collector at night. But be careful, it is under the protection of a sophisticated alarm system.


Interesting features of the script:

— creating the interior of the luxurious mansion;

— 90  minutes given time;

— average finishing time is 84 minutes (1 hour and 24 minutes);

— 32% success average;

— team of up to 5 players;

— average amount of hints received during the game – 5;

— usage of modern technology to avoid setting off the alarm;

— using physical and mental dextrity of players;

— the escape room using this script is fully booked up to 3 weeks in advance;

— script realization – 51 days;

— script writing & development – 10 days.



Script for quest room Perfect heist - adventure  Scenario for quest room Perfect heist - adventure



Player reviews, translated into English:

Such a rush of emotions…it really is the best escape room we’ve been to! There where moments where I noticed that, instead of solving puzzles, I was just standing and staring at the decorations. The interior is really cool, and really immersive! During the whole game, I feel like a real burglar and it felt like that house owners were tricking us.

Really interesting puzzles! You don’t just have to find answers in the room, you have to think hard and logically, and remember all answers to the previous puzzles. You can solve the puzzles only if you’re watchful, careful, quick and work as a team, which is clear from the first minute you walk into the room.

And yes- there is no lock that can be opening with a key. Not a single one. It’s a truly great theme. I’m actually jealous of people who haven’t visited yet and have the chance to experience it for the first time. Tanya Vaganava (http://vk.com/t.vaganova)


Still totally blown away! It’s perfect! My very first thought when walking in was, “WOW!” and during the quest it changed to, “Holy s**t!” The interior is fabulous and I’ve never seen such intricate puzzles before. There are no similar ones, they’re all totally different- which is cool, but makes it more difficult!

The first thing that really impressed me was the light room. No darkness. And there were lots of different objects, some of them significant, some not, lots of different, interesting puzzles…

When we finished playing, we noticed how big the rooms were. There was plenty of room for a whole team, which is good, because this one really needs teamwork! Sometimes, the whole team’s working on the same puzzle, sometimes everyone is focues on their one part, which makes it very fun. And no joke- there are no keys!

And the ending was absolutely amazing!!

To conclude: It’s been a whole day, and I’m still totally stoked while writing this review and can’t wait to visit again! Leonid Sazhin (http://vk.com/sazhin_l_v)


I think questrooms should moderately have everything. And I think Perfect Heist is one of those questrooms. It has everything in it and that makes it really interesting. All of the components are chosen so everything combines perfectly. Questroom has lots of different puzzles with clear but difficult to solve logic. Quest perfectly shows players interior of luxurious mansion. It has everything for having fun. The game is difficult but of you will be watchful you no doubt solve it considering that you have a lot of time to do it. Don’t forget to work as a team. Before the game you should probably flex your brains a little, for example solving the crossword. And remember everything is not so simple! Expert quest (http://vk.com/expertquest)


If you are experienced intruder and lockpicker this quest is exactly what you need for improving your skill!) You will no doubt earn the respect of local pickpocketers and maybe even mafia.)) And even if all you could steel before this quest is a pen from local bank after playing it you will be able to steel your neighbors garage. Elchik Uktamov (http://vk.com/alfstarcy)



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