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Pharaoh’s tomb

Scenario for Escape room Pharaohs Tomb - Adventure  Script for Escape room Pharaohs Tomb - Adventure



Provided by customer:

— blueprint of the room – 30m2;

— the theme- Egyptian pyramids, Pharaohs, etc.


We developed:

— 3 script options and main tasks for the customer to choose;

— 3 variations of the floor plan.


Final script:

You are archeologists on excavations in Egypt. Luckily, you find a tomb of the fifth ruler of Ancient Egypt- Khan-de-Gor’s tomb. But something goes wrong. Whether it happened by accident, or by intent, the only way out of tomb is locked. You don’t have any food, and oxygen is decreasing with every minute. If you won’t escape in 60 minutes, you will die.


The main task:

Solve the mystery of the Pharaoh and get out of the tomb before you run out of oxygen.


Interesting features of the script:

— the feeling of being inside a pyramid;

— average finishing time is 51 minutes;

— 58% success rate;

— 2—4 players in a team;

— average amount of hints needed during the game — 3;

— it took 24 days to recreate a pharaoh and coffin;

— nonlinear plot with different options for advancing;

— time for script implementation – 47 days;

— script written in 10 days.



Script for Quest room Pharaohs Tomb - Adventure  Sctnario for Quest room Pharaohs Tomb - Adventure



Player reviews, translated into English:


I don’t usually write reviews right after playing. I prefer to wait a bit, let the emotions calm down, usually a couple of weeks, but Pharaoh’s Tomb surprised me so much that I couldn’t wait too long and started writing this review the next day. It’s great from every angle- everything is logical, you are completely immersed in the game, it’s got a really great atmosphere, as well as interesing tasks. The mechanisms used for the technical tasks were really interesting! It was the 40th escape room that I’d visited (the second of the day) so it’s quite difficult to surprise me, but this room definitely did! The actual game is non-linear, with various puzzles- find and solve. There wasn’t a lot of room, but I actually don’t think that’s a disadvantage as we had more than enough for this game. Everything is working together- every mechanism, every picture- watch closely! Totally recommend! Gamborg (http://flamp.ru/user672286)


We went to the Pharaoh’s tomb a couple of days ago. Everything is awesome! Very engaging with pretty fancy puzzles that are really unusual and technical. Despite the small area, it was enough for a comfortable game. Thanks a lot for the additional 8 minutes! Julia (http://flamp.ru/user825882)


Pharaoh’s tomb stands out from other escape rooms because of its difficult tasks, logical puzzles and interesting ideas. There is no darkness and all that spooky stuff. It is a really well-made quest for your brain! Recommend it to everyone- especially for those who don’t like horror, and want to train their brains! This is a really good, logical quest! Olenka (http://flamp.ru/user1528)


This week I played with my friends quest Pharaoh’s Tomb. And I was totally satisfied with it. Different logical tasks, tasks testing your attention, some maths, atmosphere and even immersive smells, decorations—everything is awesome. Had a little laugh when found out how to solve the easiest first task. In conclusion, everything is made perfectly, recommending to all of you! Anton Germogenov (http://flamp.ru/user723612)


Tried out this Pharaoh’s tomb. I think I have never seen so much of puzzles before=) quest seemed to be a little harder than we thought—we didn’t make it in time, but we were allowed to finish it anyway)) Fedor (http://flamp.ru/striga)



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