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Pirates of the Caribbean

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Provided by customer:

-floor plan of space – 48 m2;

-theme is Pirates of the Caribbean.


We developed:

-2 story lines, 3 main tasks – to be discussed with customer;

-5 variations of the floor plan.


Final script:

According to an ancient prophecy, there exists a famous ghost ship, the Black Pearl, under command of captain Davy Jones, that has tried to reach land for more than 300 years, but has been unable to. Why can’t the ship reach land? You’ll have to find out.


Main task:

Solve the mystery of the ghost ship and get out in 60 minutes.


Interesting features of script:

-Pirates of the Caribbean atmosphere;

-average playing time – 56 minutes;

-average success rate – 43%;

-2-4 player teams;

-average amount of hints received during the game – 4;

-immersive atmospheric music;

-time for script realization – 52 days.






Player reviews, translated into English


Players reviews with spelling and punctuation kept:


We went aboard the Blakc Pearl today and it was amazing! Very immersive, and the tasks aren’t too difficult. Great ending with lots of secrets in between! We passed it without using any hints in 55 minutes. Had a great time! Alexandr Smirnov (https://vk.com/id135567002)


Today we visited the Black Pearl and it was really great! I’ve played in around 15 escape rooms so far, but this one is in the top 3. I’ve never really written a review before, but I wanted to for this quest because it’s totally worth it! It’s really engaging, the task is interesting and the ending is the kicker! The puzzles were pretty atypical too, which was great. The music is totally awesome! We liked it so much, and we all left with a great impression of the room and this game! Alena Ivanova (https://vk.com/alyona__ivanova)


I liked this game so much! It’s totally engaging, and you have to think quite hard about the various tasks & puzzles to solve. Thanks to the operator of the room for being so positive and for the hints (we needed a couple). The only minus is that, when getting a hint, the operator can’t hear you very well in some of the rooms. Tatyana (https://vk.com/id1499708)



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