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Scenario for quest room - saw - horror  Script for escape room - saw - horror



Provided by customer:

— floorplan of the area- 45 m2

— theme is The Saw (the movie)


We developed:

— 3 story options and 3 main tasks, discussed with customer

— 2 floor plan variations


Final story:

We all make mistakes. This means that anyone can end up the in the lair of the fearless maniac going by ‘the Constructor’. The price to leave is so high that death starts to look like a welcome alternative. On this day, you open your eyes to find yourself in the lair of this sadistic killer. You’ll have to pass insane tests and solve even the most mysterious of puzzles in order to escape. So let the games begin!


Main task:

Avoid the traps set by the Constructor and escape his lair


Interesting features of script:

— elements of horror

— average playing time – 42 minutes

— average success rate – 63%

— 2-4 player teams

— average amount of hints received during the game – 2

— mechanisms recreated from the original movie

— tense music

— time for realization — 38 days



Scenario escape room - saw - horror  Script escape room - saw - horror



Player reviews, translated into English


Players reviews with spelling and punctuation kept:


The creators of this game really understand horror…my friends were screaming like banshees, hah. It was really fun, and it definitely made us sweat. The riddles are awesome, the decorations too- really excited to play your new rooms! Thanks for your patience and the hospitability! I think I’ll be sleeping with the lights on tonight… Elena Rodnina (http://vk.com/id219908542)


Tried this game yesterday. I can safely say I’ve played a lot of escape rooms in a lot of different towns, but this one is totally worth your time! The game itself has a lot of technical features- it’s got a lot of mechanisms and engineering things. Also, I like that it was quite logical and we weren’t left wondering what to do with all that stuff. Of course, we needed some hints, but that was mostly due to our inattention. And once we got the hints, we always felt like, How come we didn’t get that?! The atmosphere is noteworthy- the creators have paid a lot of attention to the little things that make the atmosphere of the game so engaging. Maxim Artyukhin (http://vk.com/id1657818)


Well, I have to admit you guys made me fall in love with this kind of stuff. I know that escape rooms are becoming more popular, just like anticafes and all that stuff, but I couldn’t even begin to imagine how much fun they actually are! In this game, the atmosphere is perfect: all those instruments, the music, the unpleasant things in the  second room… uuh creepy!! But I didn’t really know much about this movie until tonight, and your game made me want to watch all those movies. So we want more! Dbayan (http://flamp.ru/dbayan)



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