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Strip Club

Script for escape room  Scenario for escape room



Provided by customer:

— The plan of the room with a total area of ​​68 sq.m. with no windows;

— The theme chosen for the escape room scenario is Strip Club.


We developed:

— 2 legends and 2 major problems for coordination with the Customer;

— 3 different room layouts.


The final script:

The police know that something illegal is happening at a strip club. Besides, the girl, who recently got a job there, has gone missing. But the police don`t have enough evidence to come with a search warrant. Undercover agents penetrate into the club on the eve of the opening to gather enough evidence and leave unnoticed. But it goes on, things get more complicated…


The main task:

Solve a series of crimes and bring to light the owner of the strip club.


Interesting features of the script:

— Real-life strip club in Moscow is recreated;

— Based on real events;

— The scenario format is 1 hour 20 minutes;

— The walkthrough rate is 30%;

— The number of players in the team is 2-4 persons;

— The average number of tips during the game is 5;

— The escape room can be visited by the 18+ players;

— Music plunges into the atmosphere of what is happening;

— Nice bonuses that the players will see passing the escape room;

— The timing of the escape room is 58 days;

— The term of escape room scripting is 9 days.




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