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Summer Romance

Scenario for Escape room - The summer romance  Script for Escape room - The summer romance



Provided by customer:

-Floor plan of the space – 34m2;

-The theme: adultery.


We developed:

-2 story lines and 2 main tasks, discussed with the customer;

-2 variations of the floor plan.


Final legend:

A woman comes into your detective agency, looking for help. She’s pale and shaking. “My husband cheated on me on his trip!” Is the last thing she cries out before fainting. Her husband denies it. The only way to prove anything is to find clues in the hotel room he was staying in.


Main task:

Find the evidence of cheating.


Interesting features of script:

-hotel room atmosphere;

-average playing time – 51 minutes;

-average success rate – 61%;

-2-4 player teams;

-average amount of hints received during the game – 3;

-symbol of the city—white hat;

-intriguing atmospheric music;

-use of special detective equipment;

-time for script realization – 52 days.



Scenario for Quest room - The summer romance  Script for Quest room - The summer romance



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