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The Da Vinci Code

Scenario for Escape room - Da Vinci - Adventure  Script for Escape room - Da Vinci - Adventure



Provided by customer:

-blueprint of the space, 40m2;

-the theme: the great inventor Leonardo da Vinci;


We developed:

-3 story options and 3 main tasks, to be discussed with the customer;

-2 variations of the floor plan.


Final script:

The works of the great Leonardo da Vinci have been veiled in mystery for more than 400 years. A sacred council has secret information that needs to be confirmed by you. You will have to get in the museum and unravel the encrypted messages on his paintings and inventions; but remember, you only have 60 minutes before the museum’s security guard comes back!


The main task:

Get into the locked rooms where Leonardo da Vinci used to live and solve the encrypted messages.


Interesting features of the script:

-recreated the workshop of Leonardo da Vinci;

-average playing time — 53 minutes;

-average success rate — 54%;

-2-4 player teams;

-average amount of hints received during the game — 4;

-recreated Leonardo da Vinci’s unique mechanisms;

-secret passes and plot twists;

-medieval atmosphere;

-realization time — 42 days.



Scenario for Quest room - Da Vinci - Adventure  Script for Quest room - Da Vinci - Adventure



Player reviews, translated into English:


Thanks for everything!

The game was awesome;)

Music, lights, details… everything was perfect:)

Everything is kept within the theme, really works your brain

Totally recommend it to everyone

You’ll definitely like it. Alia Sharipova (http://vk.com/id34773167)


The atmosphere is perfectly set for the plot, the interior is great, very comfortable playing conditions. It’s probably one of the most difficult games I’ve played, lots of logical puzzles- really, lots of them! And it’s good! Really had to use all our brainpower by the middle of the game. We played really well as a team! We’ve played lots of escape rooms before, so we’re pretty experienced, but we still needed hints to get out of this one. Our time ended up being 1 hour, 11 minutes. Very interesting game, I really liked it and I think it’s one of my favourites now. Recommend it to everyone, but I think prior experience would be very handy. Katherine Galieva (http://vk.com/katenokvoland)


This game is unforgettable. Very interesting, fancy interior! Cool and really high quality execution- really awesome!

The puzzles are very interesting and pretty unusual, and all different, so everyone finds something that’s right for them.  

The engineering is performed perfect! It was so much fun pushing all those little buttons, pulling those levers…and the ending! It was awesome, awesome, awesome! Anastasia Farkhutdinova (http://vk.com/id8780505)


Every step in this room has its own puzzle and all of them are different and interesting. It is really hard to walk through without hints though. You will have to think logically and creatively.

And especially a liked this bunch of secrets, you can move and touch everything, so explore everything and be watchful because something can accidentally open.

Also this game has couple of interesting features that will surprise you. And in the end you will have to work as a real team. Lia Mindubaeva (http://vk.com/liyantariya)



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