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The Ring

Scenario Escape room - Horror (1)  Scenario for Escape room Horror



Provided by the customer:

-blueprint of the space, 43m2 without windows;

-theme: The Ring.


We developed:

-2 script options and 2 main tasks, to be discussed with the customer;

-2 variations of the floor plan.


Final legend:

In the attic of an old house, you find a videotape. The cover says, ‘Unforgettable vacation’. But the cover also has some handwritten words and symbols, scratched on by a lunatic, predicting death to anyone who watches the tape. You notice there’s a VCR. With a silent buzz, you put the tape in. Before you even finish watching it, your phone rings…


Main task:
Find and copy the tape. Players have to do this in 60 minutes to avoid Samara Morgan.
Interesting features of script:

-recreated a real 3 meter-deep well;

-average playing time — 52 minutes;

-success rate — 54%;

-2-4 player team ;

-average amount of hints received during the game -5;

-real atmosphere of fear;

-immersive atmospheric music;

-player’s return rate – 11%;

-time for script realization — 36 days.



Script for Escape room Horror  Scenario quest room Ring - Horror



Player reviews, translated to English:


It’s a beautiful and very interesting quest, where sometimes, we had to think very hard, sometime ask for a hint, but in general, we only have positive things to say about the game! Andrei Konkov (http://vk.com/liker11)


The Ring is a great chance to stay in the room for a long time, sort through all the details and solve a lot of puzzles. We liked that its nonlinear. Lots of space to work with your whole team. Everyone can solve the puzzles, which means you are constantly in the game mindset. It’s not as scary as the movie, but a couple of times it was really creepy!)). Natalya Pendo (http://vk.com/id168058937)


This week was the second time we played this game, and this was one hell of a visit! We went just one minute over the time limit- thanks for letting us finish! There were lots of different puzzles- some quite simple, but some that you had to think really hard to solve! The atmosphere is amazing, the music really adds to it, the light, everything. Thanks for the hospitability and expect to see us again for the 3rd time! Totally recommending you to all of our friends! Aleksandr (http://flamp.ru/user689699)



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