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Underground Casino

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Provided by customer:

— The plan of the room with a total area of ​​65 sq.m. with no windows;

— The theme chosen for the escape room scenario is Underground Casino;


We developed:

— 3 legends and 2 major problems for coordination with the Customer;

— 3 different room layouts.


The final script:

You are the future members of a mafia clan, who are about to join the ranks of the immortals. But today, on Friday 13, things go wrong. Big Bosses are arrested, their closest henchmen are caught red-handed, and now the police are looking for the major piece of evidence – the second set of books. The police do not know where it is, but they are close to the solution. The lawyer of your boss instructed you to get the account book by any means. Not just you are interested in it…


The main task:

Find the second set of books and escape before the police arrive.


Interesting features of the script:

— The scenario format is 1 hour 20 minutes;

— The average passing time is 75 minutes;

— The walkthrough rate is 34%;

— The number of players in the team is 2-4 persons;

— The average number of tips during the game is 5;

— The scenario of the escape room has 3 alternative ways of passing;

— The timing of the escape room is 63 days;

— The term of escape room scripting is 10 days.





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