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Universal key

Сценарий квест комнаты Ключ от всех дверей  Сценарий квеста в реальности Ключ от всех дверей



Provided by customer:

-blueprint of space, 95m2, no windows;

-the theme: Skeleton Key.


We developed:

-3 script options and 2 main tasks, as discussed with customer;

-4 floor plan options.


Final script:

One of the best engineers in world has created a magic key, able to open any door you want. You will have to pass through a magical maze, two dozens of doors and locks with lots of surprises and puzzles waiting for you. Every door has its own secret. Try to solve all the puzzles, open all the doors, find the magic key and get out of the maze.


Main task:

Find the magic key and get out the maze in 60 minutes.


Interesting features of script:

-24 doors in the story, including false doors;

-average playing time is 56 minutes;

-average success rate is 47%;

-2-5 player team;

-average amount of hints received during game — 4;

-quest combines imaginary worlds with the real ones;

-weight of the magic key – 2kg/4,5lbs;

-time for script realization – 47 days.



Сценарий квеструма Ключ от всех дверей  Сценарий квеста Ключ от всех дверей


Player reviews, translated into English:


One of the best rooms we’ve ever played! Well-designed, logical tasks, an interior that creates a special atmosphere and of course, the surprising end! This game was fantastic!  Victoria Alieva (http://vk.com/angelochek228)


Tried the skeleton key room for the first time, everything is very cool. Actually interesting and very beautiful! A bunch of doors and different locks, exciting… I think I’m going to visit again- they gave me bracelet as a reward Ledi Bro (http://vk.com/ledibro91)


The Skeleton Key room is big, rich and varied. It can be played with kids, as I’m sure everyone will be interested. If you get stuck in one room ask for the hint, because there are a lot of closed doors to go through! Natalia  Pendo (http://vk.com/id168058937)


We were very excited to play this one, and we came in the first few days that it opened. All expectations were fully met. It was really cool! Totally immersed in the game for one hour! The Skeleton Key is the first game where we were totally disoriented and couldn’t even guess where the exit would be. Congrats on opening an escape room of this quality in our city! It’s very interesting visually, too- you have really beautiful watches in your hall.  Anna Kulich (http://vk.com/annloshakova)


Dear friends, thanks so much for fun starting weekend!:)

Now its one more cool, well-made and interesting quests in our city! Its name The Skeleton Key characterizes it perfectly, I haven’t open so many doors for my whole live. and with such passion. So in general it is positive emotions, nice atmosphere, big rooms and classy interior. So we are first in line to visit new rooms! 😉 Thanks so much and let all next rooms will be built fast and easy! :) Vasiliy Torgashin (http://vk.com/vtorg)




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